Droscha Farms


The Droscha Sugarbush began when Wilson and Dorson Droscha purchased their first evaporator in the spring of 1962. Back then, sap collection and boiling would have taken place either in the woods or the sap would be hauled to the farm yard and boiled in an open pan.
Since then, the sap house has been remodeled several times since 1962, bigger evaporators have been purchased, some pails have been replaced with pipe line, but we still adhere to conventional boiling practices set forth by earlier generations.

For Droscha Farms

Freelance Project

Pure Maple Syrup Branding, Label Design, and Photography

August 2013

Photo Credit: Sara Valkenburg

Featured in the WZZM news in Michigan on May 5, 2014:


On the shelves at “Made in Michigan” store at Woodland Mall in Michigan on March 5, 2015:

made in mi woodland

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